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Ensuring a safe, clean and inviting environment is the core of our commitment to providing the highest level of hospitality. 

In response to COVID-19, we have initiated and are maintaining industry-leading and scientifically driven elevated cleanliness standards to safeguard the wellbeing of our guests and colleagues. Our strengthened safety and sanitizing measures incorporate the latest guidance from the world’s leading health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO), and apply to all training, public and business areas.

The comprehensive strategies we are employing are rooted in industry experience, based on the latest scientific guidance, and utilize hospital-grade cleaners and best practices designed to prevent the spread of viruses. These strategies will be updated regularly to reflect the most current science and technology available. 

At a glance, here is what we are doing to keep you safe and comfortable: 

  • Keeping our Distance. We have implemented social distancing measures in all areas of the facility.

  • Sanitizer Stations Throughout. Sanitizer stations have been placed throughout all areas of the facility.

  • Enhanced and More Frequent Cleaning. EPA-rated hospital-grade disinfectants will be standard protocol and used in guest rooms and to all areas of the facility. 

  • Personal Protection Equipment Required.  All staff associates are required to wear face masks. Per the state of Pennsylvania, guests are required to wear a face mask as well.

  • Training and Education. We provide regular training to our safety about the latest safety and cleanliness guidance.

We look forward to welcoming you soon. Thank you for your continued trust and loyalty.

Be Well. Stay Well. 



Keeping you safe begins with keeping our valued staff associates safe. Our dedicated COVID-19 task force has developed a multi-pronged approach to health and wellbeing, which stresses cleanliness and hygiene standards and regular education and training as well as enhanced cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Our associates are equipped to handle confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases among guests and colleagues. They also understand how to identify potential health risks and are committed to working together to strictly follow all safety and cleaning protocols, which are detailed below.


  • Proper hand washing and other safety protocol trainings will be conducted and maintained. Guests are also encouraged to adhere to regular 30-second handwashing/sanitizing guidelines.

  • Front desks will be equipped with plexiglass sneeze guards, and all staff (e.g. front desk, concierge, valets, etc.) will be required to wear personal protection equipment (PPE), including masks.

  • Social distance markers will be placed in all public areas (where applicable) to encourage social distancing awareness.

  • Should a guest or staff member be diagnosed with COVID-19 after leaving the facility, all guests and staff that were present at the same time will be notified. If a guest or staff member is diagnosed while training with us, proper isolation protocols will be followed pursuant to CDC and WHO guidelines, and guests and staff will be notified.


  • Public Areas

  • EPA-rated hospital-grade disinfectants will be used to clean each area of facility, with special attention paid to all high-touch surfaces (e.g. door handles, light switches, etc.).

  • All high-touch public area surfaces such as handrails and door handles will be wiped down with EPA-rated hospital-grade disinfectants.

  • Hand sanitizer stations have been placed in key areas throughout the facility including facility entrance, front desk, lobby, main turf, and strength and conditioning center.

  • Prior to opening each day, we employ EPA-rated hospital-grade disinfectants on all areas.

  • Tables and chairs are spaced a minimum of 6 feet apart to allow for safe distances between guests.

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