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Our Competitive Advantage

Purpose should impact every aspect of an organization and must be baked into the heart of the core strategy of the business. Purpose-driven organizations are meant to grow faster compared to companies whose purpose is to make money.

Pro-Tech Athletics was born from its predecessor, MVP Sports Academy which has developed a remarkable brand over the last 12 years being in business. Developing some of the most impactful programming by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable baseball and softball staff in our region. We are constantly reinvesting in our facility to update our equipment and technology as we firmly believe we must evolve with the times to remain to the leader in our industry. Our resources readily available are unmatched by other training facilities and accompanied with our accredited staff, our player development and programming is beyond compare.

Our Coaching Personnel Foundation:

  • Competence   

  • Courtesy

  • Credibility

  • Reliability

  • Responsible

  • Communication

If your player is your vehicle, it is critical for you to make the proper maintenance and repairs so that your vehicle performs optimally. Pro-Tech is your terminal and the infrastructure of our Player Development model outlines how your vehicle is handled. Our garage cannot be compared to other garages around the area. Our garage is an industry leader with cutting edge tools, technology and resources to provide exceptional service. In our garage we have master mechanics, whose knowledge and resumes is built on quality experience and credibility. Our coaches are constantly challenged to get better and become/remain industry leaders within NEPA.

pro-tech differentiation
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